Information for International Agents

Information for International Agents

[Download the International Agent Information Sheet]

Agents… Get Involved

Life Adventures works hard to make the process for getting signed on as one of our agents as quick and painless for all involved as possible.

Once we receive an expression of interest from an agency (through our website form or an e-mail to we contact you to find out about your recruiting process and sources to ensure that everything is a good mutual fit.

After the brief review process, things begin to happen very quickly:

1.) You sign off on the agency agreement.
2.) Life Adventures sets you up with your customized submission forms – ensuring that all your participants can submit their information quickly and easy and that you receive credit for your participants.
3.) Life Adventures sends you electronic copies of any customized marketing materials that you need to support your recruiting efforts.
4.) You begin to receive DS-2019 forms and other related paperwork.
5.) Your participants start to have great experiences in the USA!


Life Adventures works very hard to ensure that our agents and participants feel they are a part of our family. Our lower staff to participant and agent ratios ensure that we are able to provide the one-on-one attention that makes every participant and agent feel valued, safe and secure. Remember, Life Adventures:

    • works to make every participant, agent and employer feel personally looked after; and,
    • maintains low participant-to-staff ratios so that participants, agents and employers have a consistent point of contact.


At Life Adventures, days not weeks is our philosophy! We strive to ensure that every piece of paperwork leaves our office within 72 hours of all required documents being received. Remember, Life Adventures:

      • uses the bare-minimum of paperwork;
      • uses simple technology to ensure that we move quickly; and,
      • gets all paperwork out to you within 72-hours.

Employment Options

Life Adventures Inc. works with a large variety of employers to provide a wide array of job opportunities to those participants that choose to come the the US with one of our placements (rather than coming on a self placement). Keep in mind that Life Adventures:

      • caters to those seeking internships & hands-on experience;
      • has many placements in tourism and hospitality industry;
      • provides opportunities for both those with high and low English skill levels.